The Best Online Nursing Degree Programs

The best online degrees in nursing are open for all qualified individuals who wish to jumpstart their careers in the healthcare industry. There are many accredited nursing programs today that can provide quality education for students. These top online nursing programs offer flexible class schedules that even working students can take advantage of. Many colleges in the country offer on-campus nursing programs that may not be suitable for part-time students. Universities are more expensive than online programs and they require students to attend classes regularly. This requirement can be a bit difficult for working individuals. It is important that future nurses choose the best nursing programs online by checking their accreditation, classes, facilities, instructors and cost. Reliable institutions provide both the convenience and quality of education they need at the most affordable prices.

Top Featured Nursing Degree Programs
1. Keiser University – RN to BSN – Nursing
2. Kaplan University – MS – Nursing
3. Sacred Heart University – MSN – Clinical Nurse Leader

About the Best Online Degrees in Nursing

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Nursing

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that registered nurses make up the largest number of workers in the healthcare profession. Online undergraduate degrees in nursing can help people have more career advancement opportunities. Bachelor’s degrees are required to become a registered nurse. Nursing courses may also be offered by community colleges and universities in both online and on-campus programs. A BS in nursing takes four years to complete. It is important that nursing majors opt for programs that are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The associate and online bachelor’s in nursing programs prepare them for the NCLEX-RN examination. The associate degree may take two or three years to complete. Students will attend both lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Meanwhile, BSN students study more comprehensive theories and undergo clinical training.

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Online Masters in Nursing Degree Programs

The best online master’s degrees in nursing are offered by schools that hold accreditation from the CCNE and the National League of Nursing Accreditation Commission. These agencies provide accreditation for both undergraduate and online master’s in nursing programs. MS in nursing programs come with different specialties. Opting for these graduate programs allow nurses to advance into different positions in medical facilities. They can become nurse practitioners, certified nurse anesthetists, certified nurse specialists and certified nurse midwives. Completion of the entire program may take about 18 to 24 months. The time needed to complete these programs online depends on the student’s effort and time management. The most reliable online graduate programs allow students to upgrade their knowledge and skills in their chosen field. Additionally, students will focus more on areas that they are interested in.

Choosing the Best Online Nursing Degree

The best online degrees in nursing come from accredited schools that offer comprehensive programs. These schools are often included in nursing degree rankings from reputable organizations. There are many good schools online available today that offer these programs. They are open for all potential nurses in the USA. BS and associate degree students should only opt for respectable schools to ensure that they are getting the knowledge and skills that they need to become successful in their careers. It is essential that they choose programs that offer classes in their area of interest. Online schools offer complete lists of required coursework. Students should be able to gather information related to the instructors, facilities, technical support and other online resources. Academic advisors should always be available should students need to clarify information or raise questions regarding online lectures.