The Best Online Marine Sciences Degree Programs

Have you ever dreamed of studying dolphins, working at an aquarium, or training sea lions? You can earn an online degree in marine sciences through many different universities. The top online marine science degree programs get you ready to work at a research facility, a zoo, an aquarium, or an aquatic theme park. You can prepare for your new career with flexible classes that let you work from home. Colleges know that today’s students are busy with work and family obligations, so the best online degrees in marine science are designed to fit your schedule. Online classes are accepted by employers across the country; online accredited marine science programs are easy to encounter in today’s digital world. Keep reading to find out what you need to know to pick the best program for your needs.

About the Best Online Degrees in Marine Science

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Marine Science

Earning a BS in marine science will prepare you for work as a research assistant at a government or university agency, a caretaker at a zoo or aquarium, or as a consultant at a private company. The best online undergraduate degrees in marine science offer courses in geology, physics, meteorology, chemistry, oceanography and zoology. An online bachelor’s in marine science should offer courses customized to your major; for example, you should be able to take a class on ocean physics or marine physics rather than a generic physics class. If you know exactly where you want to work after graduating, try to take related classes. If you are committed to working as an animal trainer, you won’t need to take geology classes.

Online Master’s in Marine Science Programs

An MS in marine science is required for advanced research or supervisory positions. The best online master’s degrees in marine science will work with your goals: Do you want to earn a PhD in marine science or do you need a master’s to advance to management? Your course needs will vary, so be sure you find a program that’s suited for what you want to do. Online master’s in marine science programs have full-time staff dedicated to helping students evaluate the program. These employees will be happy to go over your plans to find the best master’s program for you.

Choosing the Best Online Marine Science Degree

As online programs become more popular, diligence is required to get the most of your education. You don’t want to waste money and time at a program that’s not right for you. The best online degrees in marine science come from accredited programs with a history of placing graduates in jobs. Ask prospective programs what percentage of students graduate and go on to find employment in the field. Reputable colleges will be glad to provide this information for you. In the USA, marine science degree rankings are published annually by an objective agency that evaluates each college. Use these rankings to help find a program for your needs. Be sure to use the rankings critically: Because rankings prioritize research, good schools for future animal trainers won’t be at the top of the list. Your best bet is to consult the school’s counselors and materials to discover which program is best for you.