Best Online Industrial Design Programs

Industrial Design is a very important part of the consumer culture of America. Companies strive to come out with the newest and best ideas and products before the competition. Designing for industries can range from designing furniture and toys, to vehicles and consumer products. The best online degrees in Industrial Design will focus on nurturing artistic and business skills to create new and innovative products while considering the practical development and use of such a wide range of products. There are many different specialties, and only accredited Industrial Design programs will prepare students for both the creative and business sides of Industrial Design. Top online Industrial Design programs are offered by a range of colleges and universities from across the country that allow students the convenience of online learning.

About the Best Online Degrees in Industrial Design

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Industrial Design

The best online undergraduate degree programs in Industrial Design will enable the student to combine their artistic and creative skills with real-world business skills to create products that will appeal to consumers of all types. Many online bachelor’s in Industrial Design programs emphasize business and decision-making in addition to artistic abilities. This allows Industrial Designers to deal with all phases of industrial design, from market research and products development to product modeling and editing the product for practical use. A BS in Industrial Design includes courses in 2D and 3D design, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), vector imaging, product design, and product costing. As an undergraduate, students can major in a variety of artistic areas, as there are few online Industrial Design programs. However, students can major in any area of art, and also take business classes that will help them prepare for industrial designing.

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Online Master’s in Industrial Design Programs

The best online master’s degrees in Industrial Design will enhance both the artistic and business skills developed through an undergraduate program. Online master’s in Industrial Design programs are plentiful through colleges and universities throughout the USA. MS in Industrial Design will help graduates advance in Industrial Design. Industrial Designer, Product Designer, Product Developer, Multimedia Designer, Exhibit Designer, and Interface Developer are all potential job titles of graduates of an advanced degree program in Industrial Design. Graduates can find themselves working for a variety of employers, including private companies, government agencies, museums, and public organizations. The best online master’s in Industrial Design programs will include courses that expand upon concepts from undergraduate work and may include Drawing for Industrial Design, Advanced Drawing Methods, Project Management, and Professional Design Practices.

Choosing the Best Online Industrial Design Degree Program

Students must consider their passion and potential specialty when choosing the best online degrees in Industrial Design. Focusing on the design of cars will require different skills than designing toddler toys. Finding out where the program ranks among Industrial Design degree rankings will help students narrow down the possibilities. Look for an online program that offers an excellent selection of courses, access to faculty with real world experience, and opportunities to intern in your area. While the education can be taught online, this type of career usually requires hands-on experience in a business setting for a graduate to be considered for work. Also remember to attend a reputable school that has been accredited in the USA. It will be difficult to find a position after graduation if the school does not have accreditation.