About the Best Online Film and Video Degree Programs

A number of online colleges now offer accredited film and video programs for students interested in this field. Coursework is designed to give them the same skill sets as programs taught in brick-and-mortar universities. The best online degrees in film and video challenge creative individuals to bring their ideas to life through various media technology. Talented and dedicated graduates of the top online film and video programs often move into successful careers in movie production, videography, screenwriting or directing.

About the Best Online Degrees in Film and Video

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Film and Video

Completing a BS in film and video normally requires courses such as film history, basic production techniques, script-writing and story-boarding. Students who complete their core requirements usually choose specialty areas of this major during their final two years of study. These can include cinematography, film editing or special effects. The best online undergraduate degrees in film and video are designed with the same curriculum as a comprehensive four-year program. Some schools may allow their students to complete this undergraduate degree at an accelerated pace. Online bachelor’s in film and video programs do require the same time commitment as on-campus programs. The ability to finish and submit good quality film and video projects on time is a big advantage for any student.

Online Master’s in Film and Video Programs

The best online master’s degrees in film and video prepare graduates to be leaders and visionaries in this creative industry. Earning an MS in film and video indicates a high level of expertise at bringing stories to life through these mediums. Many online master’s in film and video programs focus on teaching students to use production equipment and software programs for creating polished end material. Some schools offering these advanced degrees may require hands-on practice with these tools at a specific location.

Choosing the Best Online Film and Video Degree

Film and video degree rankings are usually based on curriculum development, the reputations of the faculty and the percentages of graduates who obtain jobs or internships soon after completing their degrees. Schools offering the best online degrees in film and video give their students opportunities to learn some of the latest technologies used in film and TV production. Many good schools also include intensive coursework designed to create understanding of film and video aesthetics. Some of the most reputable schools in the USA have award-winning film and video programs with long rosters of successful graduates.

Majoring in film and video is a good choice for artistic students who hope to forge careers in the entertainment industry. In addition to technical training, many degree programs offer a quality liberal arts education that helps students understand the role of film and video in modern society. Hard-working graduates are able to produce work that has value in a larger cultural context and that holds meaning for audiences.