The Best Online Economics Degree Programs

With the rise of off-site options for higher learning, many accredited economics programs are now available online. Institutions that operate fully online are an obvious place to start. But the best online degrees in economics may not always be from fully online institutions. Options include not only those programs associated with institutions that operate entirely online, but also many traditional colleges and universities, which have adapted to the growing demand for online services.

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1. Ashford University – BA – Business Economics
2. Ashford University – MBA – Business Economics

The top online economics programs are designed to equip students with skills in economic development, regulatory industry analysis, and market and quantitative analysis, with ultimate aims of making students viable candidates for employment, whether in financial institutions, industry, or even government enterprises.

About the Best Online Economics Degree Programs

Colleges With Top Online Bachelor’s in Economics Degree Programs

Online bachelor’s in economics programs are offered at both traditional colleges or universities. The BS in economics is designed to be completed in four years and consists of some 120 credit hours; of these 120 hours, the major/economics components will consist of about 40 credit hours. Course offerings seek to foster skills in business, accounting, and marketing, at both the domestic and international levels. The best online bachelor’s in economics degrees ideally will provide not only the credentials to get into master’s programs or obtain entry-level jobs, but also the skills to perform at those levels successfully.

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Getting an Online Master’s in Economics

Online master’s programs in economics, like programs at the undergraduate level, are available at a great number of accredited colleges and universities. Some of the best online master’s degrees in economics include those of Georgia Southern University, Canisius University, and the University of North Dakota, though additional options are plentiful. The MS in economics is generally two years. Prospective students have a number of factors to consider. The best programs will offer a breadth of course options, ideally taught by faculty with the highest possible degrees in their field. Many quality programs offer full scholarships on an annual basis. The student should also consider the quality and availability of the institution’s resources. Some programs will offer complementary laptops to ensure that students have available the technology needed to complete the program. Some programs present lectures in “live” format; these lectures are available online, but in a way that simulates an actual classroom setting.

Most students want to know whether their investment will help them obtain a job once they graduate. The best online degrees in economics will be sensitive to that aim. For that, the most reputable programs, particularly those in the USA, are the best place to start. But the “good school” is the school that is right for the individual student. There are a number of resources available to assist prospective students in their search for the right institution. Websites like and provide a wealth of information about available programs of study, including lists of economics degree rankings and links to program websites. publishes an annual list of degree rankings, which for the first time this year will include a list of the best online programs.