The Best Online eCommerce Degree Programs

The field of eCommerce provides new opportunities to people interested in both information technology and business administration. The best online degrees in eCommerce prepare students to develop the online presence of traditional companies, to work exclusively with web-based businesses and to become entrepreneurs and give shape to their own business ambitions. Accredited eCommerce programs have met standards which ensure that students are receiving relevant instruction from professionals certified to teach within the field. Top online eCommerce programs are also offered by colleges and universities that have high graduation rates.

Featured eCommerce Degrees

1. Ashoford University – BA – eMarketing

In this online curriculum, your courses cover basic business concepts like marketing research, then add applications in online promotion. You will learn to create a strategic eMarketing campaign using current technology. Examine global markets and get the most out of alternative media. This degree prepares you to compete on the internet, including social media.

2. University of the Southwest – BBA – E-commerce

The BBA with emphasis in E-commerce provides a fundamental understanding of the tools and processes used to; conduct business electronically, engage in virtual marketing campaigns, maintain customer contact and support via the internet, and develop competitive strategies to operate a successful e-business. The courses in this emphasis focus upon the implementation of virtual business media.

3. Bryant & Stratton College – BBA – eCommerce

Courses in this unique program provide students with the skill sets required of knowledgeable workers in this Information Age. Additionally, students have the option of choosing a specialization in Marketing, eCommerce, Human Resources or Project Management. Graduates will have the problem solving, strategic planning, communication, interpersonal, and technology application skills needed to meet operational demands and resolve contemporary business problems.

4. Northcentral University – MBA – Electronic Commerce

The online MBA degree program from Northcentral University prepares learners to advance to higher levels of leadership in business. Advanced coverage of classic and contemporary theory in business administration is blended with key practical skills all managers need to succeed. Exposure to best practices in the business world enhances comprehension of the challenges and opportunities facing modern business leaders and the various stakeholders they serve. The electronic commerce specialization is designed for learners who want to become proficient in conducting business on the Internet and/or the World Wide Web.

About the Best Online Degrees in eCommerce

Online Undergraduate Degrees in eCommerce

The best online undergraduate degrees in eCommerce give students an opportunity to communicate with each other and to have related real-world experiences all while completing assignments at their own pace. Some online bachelor’s in eCommerce programs do this by offering students an opportunity to periodically meet with one another in person. Other programs are 100 percent online but make excellent use of video conferences, chat rooms and social media networks. Students pursuing a BS in eCommerce through online courses are in a unique position because they are using the internet to prepare for an internet-based field. By the time online learners have earned their eCommerce major, they can apply their practical experience communicating with technology to their careers as eCommerce professionals.

Online Master’s in eCommerce Programs

Students can add value to their bachelor’s degrees by pursuing an MS in eCommerce. Online master’s in eCommerce programs are also available and help students stand out out among fierce competition in the job market. The best online master’s degrees in eCommerce also allow students who are already working to continue building their skill sets on their own time without having to sacrifice their existing employment opportunities. In this case a master’s degree may mean a promotion as well as a career change. There are many aspects of eCommerce including market research, product development, web design and consulting. A masters degree allows existing eCommerce professionals to focus on an area of specialization and become eCommerce experts within their niche.

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Choosing the Best Online eCommerce Degree

Choosing the best online degrees in eCommerce is a very personal process that requires thorough research and self-evaluation. Accreditation and eCommerce degree rankings are important guides when searching for reputable online schools based in the USA. However, there are many good schools to choose from, and it’s important that every prospective student takes the time to conduct a thorough investigation. Visiting message boards, social media sites and blogs aimed at both eCommerce professionals and online learners is a helpful part of the selection process. Likewise, e-mailing the faculty to get to know them can provide insight into whether the school will be a good fit. Learning online requires a great deal of personal motivation and discipline. Coupled with the fact that many online students are juggling additional work and family obligations, it’s essential for online learners to find schools that motivate them to work steadily toward the goal of earning a degree in eCommerce and enjoying a successful eCommerce career.

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