The Best Online Dispute Resolution Degree Programs

Communications skills are one of the most important traits an employee can possess. Earning a degree in dispute resolution will supercharge your communications skills and make you highly desirable to employers. Accredited dispute resolution programs teach students how to look for solutions and bring opposing parties together. The best online degrees in dispute resolution let you study at home, whenever your schedule allows. Universities know that today’s students are busy professionals who must study around work and professional obligations. Colleges want to help you fit your studies into your life. Top online dispute resolution programs are willing to work with you if you’re willing to serve your community with a degree in dispute resolution.

Top Featured Dispute Resolution Degrees

1. Keiser University – BA – Legal Studies

Become an essential and vital part of a legal team with a BA degree in Legal Studies from Keiser University. Interested in pursuing a law degree? Our bachelor’s program prepares students with major courses such as legal research, criminal law, contracts, wills and trusts, torts, and family law.

2. Sullivan University – BS – Human Resource Leadership

The Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Leadership provides the necessary academic and experiential factors for the beginning practitioner and manager. Among the skills derived from the program are an in-depth study of basic Human Resource Management, Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures, Employment Law, Informational Systems, staffing, Human Diversity, Compensation Management, and Corporate Training.

3. Abilene University – MA – Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Abilene Christian University’s Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation is a faith-based, 36-hour online program that prepares you to analyze, address and manage conflict effectively and professionally. You will gain in-depth preparation that is invaluable to you if you are seeking a career in dispute resolution or find yourself with significant peacemaking opportunities in your chosen career. The program will prepare you for leadership roles and careers in dispute resolution and in a wide range of disciplines requiring the effective management of conflict.

About the Best Online Degrees in Dispute Resolution

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Dispute Resolution

The best online undergraduate degrees in dispute resolution are interdisciplinary and highly customizable. You should be able to choose from courses in communication, sociology, environmental studies, international relations, and many other disciplines. A BS in dispute resolution should work for you and let you select your courses based on your educational and career plans. Online bachelor’s in dispute resolution programs should work with other departments within your school by allowing you to take classes from other fields to augment your studies. Dispute resolution is a broad major that can lead to a career advocating for patients in a hospital, mediating divorce cases in a courtroom, or helping employees as a human resources professional. Choose classes that support your plans.

Related Degrees

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Online Master’s in Dispute Resolution

A MS in dispute resolution can be used to further specialize within the field or as a gateway for students with a BS in another discipline. Online master’s in dispute resolution programs should offer as much flexibility as undergraduate programs by allowing you to choose from business, legal, international, or other classes to cater to your desires. Some colleges offer MS degrees that are closely associated with a particular school; for example, several law schools offer dispute resolution degrees that focus on legal mediation. If you’re interested in working as a legal mediator, these programs would be a good fit for you. The best online master’s degrees in dispute resolution fit with your career plans. If you’re not sure exactly what you want to do with a MS in the field, choose a general program that will let you sample from a variety of fields before forcing you to specialize.

Choosing the Best Online Dispute Resolution Degree

Possible careers for dispute resolution graduates are numerous. Your studies, and the best college for you, will depend on where you want to be working. A good place to start narrowing down your options is dispute resolution degree rankings. This data will let you see which schools are highly ranked in which fields. Good schools for future healthcare mediators may be terrible schools for future environmental mediators. Even if you aren’t sure of your future plans, you want to find a reputable school. USA school rankings will help you determine which schools are worth your money, time and effort. The best online degrees in dispute resolution are waiting for you to find them.