The Best Degrees for a Political Career

There is not a single “best degree” for a job in politics, but rather a number of degrees that can help an individual achieve his or her ambitions. What may be a good degree for one may not work quite as well for others, and seeking out accredited schools that will teach basic skills is usually far more valuable use of time. Even with that said, there are a few degree programs that many seek if they concentrate on becoming a politician.

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If this is your ideal career, you may want to seek out a degree in political science, business or communication. As the job of a politician involves the ability to speak publicly and to manage several layers of bureaucracy, these are the degrees that tend to hold up best.

About the best degrees for a political career

Undergraduate degrees for a political career

The best undergraduate degrees tend to offer some degree of preparation for a future in politics. Degrees in political science and history, for example, tend to be good degrees for those who want to learn how politics work. Business degrees and communications degrees, on the other hand, help those who wish to learn about the managerial aspects of politics. All the courses tend to have a fair bit of course concentration on basic speaking skills and writing ability, and tend to give students a chance to view the world through a political lens.

Master’s degrees for a political career

The Master’s Degree tends to be far more important for those that want to enter politics. A master’s degree in business or a law degree tend to be the best master’s degrees, though advanced degrees in political science or history also help. The former degrees tend to teach students quite a bit about the realities of managing political policies or finances, and can help students to better understand the laws behind governmental operations. The latter degrees are more helpful from a theory standpoint, and the oral defenses of arguments in the course work required for all of these courses help to shape politicians into better debaters.

Online degrees for a political career

Some of the top online degree programs from major universities also help students to prepare for a career in politics. The best online degrees for a political career are still master’s degrees in business and law, especially if there are policy focuses available for prospective students. The online coursework is quite similar to that available in a traditional classroom, thought with less emphasis on group work. If you want to become a politician but need a more flexible college schedule, seeking out classes online may be an ideal choice.

Featured Degree Programs