Best Degrees for a Career in Game Design

Game design tends to encompass two major areas – programming and graphic design. Programmers help to design the internal working of games, while designers help to create the visible aspects. As such, the best degree depends on the type of work that you wish to do. Accredited schools do now offer degree programs in game design, but these are not always the best degrees to seek out. Becoming a game designer requires time and effort, and making it a career is largely a matter of the time put into the industry. A good degree for a programmer would be a degree in computer science, while a degree in graphic design is a necessity for those interested in the artistic side of the process.

About the best degrees for game design

Undergraduate degrees for game design

The best undergraduate degrees are those that give students a chance to learn the basic skills necessary for their futures. Good bachelor’s degrees for game design, then, will include those that prepare students for the jobs to come. Programmers should seek out degrees in computer science, as this track provides the skills necessary to learn new programming languages and understand the workings of complex programs. Those interested in art design should seek out degrees in graphic design, which will teach students how to use a computer to draw and how to make use of imaging programs to make real art. It is quite difficult to enter to field without one of these two degrees, and most large companies now make a bachelor’s degree a requirement.

Master’s degrees for game design

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you will need a master’s degree. The best master’s degrees available will help students to learn valuable skills that can be immediately applied to the gaming field. As such, good master’s degrees for game design include master’s in computer science and design. These degrees will help students to learn more advanced techniques that can be applied to the gaming world and can provide real-world internship opportunities that might be necessary to land a job after graduation.

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Online degrees for game design

As you might expect, the gaming community has a fairly high opinion of online degrees. The best online degrees for game design are in the computer science department, especially if the program has a special emphasis on programming. Some of the top online degree programs do specifically focus on game design, though one can easily get a degree that involves general computer science and still be considered a viable candidate in the industry. If you do not have time to attend a college campus or wish to get your degree a bit faster, an online degree may be the right choice for you.