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Individuals who are interested in entering a career with the FBI often consider criminal justice to be the best degree to obtain, but this is not the only possible choice. Depending on areas of interest, students may consider accounting or psychology to be good degrees for this field of work. In fact, agents and lab specialists working for the FBI come from many different degree programs earned at accredited schools. Becoming an FBI agent is a long process requiring more education than many other areas of law enforcement, but individuals who enter this field can expect satisfying work fighting crime and keeping citizens safe around the US.

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About The Best Degrees for Becoming an FBI Agent

Undergraduate Degrees for FBI

Accounting degrees and computer science degrees are both good for FBI work. CPAs with bachelor’s degrees have been trained in the analytical skills needed to detect financial crimes, including money laundering and corporate fraud, during FBI investigations. Computer science graduates learn all about the digital world that is home to much of today’s crime. The FBI depends on these individuals to comb through digital evidence and investigate cyber crime on the Internet. Degrees in languages such as Arabic and Chinese are also some of the best undergraduate degrees for careers with the FBI, which frequently performs international crime investigations requiring the multilingual skills of in-house translators.

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Master’s Degrees for FBI

Biology is one of the best master’s degrees for working with the FBI, preparing individuals to work with DNA and tissue samples in lab positions involving forensic science research and counterterrorism units. For GS-9 level counterterrorism work, chemistry is another of the good master’s degrees individuals may consider. Chemistry courses prepare graduates to analyze and compare material evidence in federal crime labs. A master’s equivalent, such as a JD degree, is an excellent choice for those who wish to pursue work as forensic examiners who analyze documents with the FBI. The courses taken by JD students train them to recognize infractions of US law contained in documents seized as evidence and explain, in writing, how their findings violate the laws in question.

Online Degrees for Becoming an FBI Agent

Entering the top online degree programs allows law enforcement and other working professionals to obtain specialization for FBI positions. Students can choose from a wide variety of the best online degrees for FBI positions, such as those listed above and many others that correspond to jobs within the organization. After obtaining a useful degree for FBI work, applicants will undergo a rigorous background investigation and polygraph examination for most jobs. Successful applicants will play important roles in national law enforcement as fighters of interstate crime, terrorism, and international criminal acts affecting US citizens.