Best Degree for Event Planning and Becoming an Event Planner

Event planners in the past were often able to build a successful career with little to no formal education. Today however, as the field has become more competitive, most who are interested in a career in event planning pursue formal training with a college or university that offers a career-focused program. Such programs are designed specifically to prepare individuals for success in the hospitality and event planning and management industry. These degree programs typically incorporate aspects of business, financial management, networking, hospitality, and the culinary arts in order to provide students a well-rounded education.

About the Best Degrees for Event Planning

Event planners manage all aspects of the planning, organization, presentation and hosting of social, business and other events. In addition to a dynamic curriculum that prepares students for a successful career, degree programs also give students hands-on experience in the industry. The best degree for entering the event planning field will offer labs, case studies, internships and other practical training experiences in addition to traditional coursework. A good degree program for becoming an event planner is highly focused, maximizing industry-specific learning. Pursing an education with one of the many accredited schools offering Event Planning and Management, Hospitality and Event Management, or Event Management degrees is essential to success in the field.

Undergraduate Degrees for Event Planning

The most successful event planners have completed a good bachelor’s degree program with an accredited school. Options include Hospitality and Event Management, Event Planning and Management, or simple Event Management degrees. The best undergraduate degrees for event planning incorporate courses in business and finance, the culinary arts, organizational management, and public relations and marketing. Many degrees also include courses in business law, contracts and negotiations; tourism and hospitality; and travel, accommodations and destination planning. Students should select their school carefully as the program’s reputation affects the quality of students’ education and how prospective employers and clients view their credentials.

Master’s Degrees for Event Planning

The majority of event planners who handle high-profile and large-scale events hold a graduate degree. Employers and clients are hesitant to entrust such events to planners with only a bachelor’s degree. Master’s programs build on the knowledge and skills students obtained during their undergraduate studies and are usually very tightly focused. Students hone in on specific aspects of the event planning field. The best master’s degrees include programs like Arts Programs and Event Management, Hospitality and Culinary Management, and Event Planning and Business Administration. Good master’s degrees in event planning include courses in financial, personnel and facilities management as well as classes in menu, travel and accommodation planning.

Online Degrees for Event Planning

While traditional, on-campus degrees are still an option, many individuals prefer the convenience and flexible scheduling options of the best online degrees for event planning. Top online degree programs offer equivalent courses and training experiences without the travel and time commitment requirements, including lectures, labs, case studies, and even internships all through online and distance learning platforms.