Best Degree for CIA

The CIA is the United State’s foreign intelligence service. Unlike the FBI, which works domestically, the entirety of the CIA’s work involves other nations. As such, the best degree for a CIA career will be one that keeps real intelligence work in mind. It is fairly easy to get a good degree from accredited schools, and becoming a member of the CIA is a career to which anyone can aspire.

Good degrees include degrees in finances and international law, and degrees international relations or business can also be helpful. A college degree is a necessity for those who want to work in the CIA.

Details About the best degrees for the CIA

Undergraduate degrees for Getting a Job in the CIA

Almost every individual employed by the CIA has at least a bachelor’s degree. The best undergraduate degrees vary from field to field, but it is always important to consider the work done by the CIA when making a choice. Good bachelor’s degrees generally include those that involve business or finance, as quite a bit of the analysis work done by the agency involves finances or statistics. Degrees in international law are also quite helpful for those that who want to work in the field, and international relations degrees are always prized if the focuses of those degrees were on specific countries. All of these courses can give an individual the basic skills necessary to work for the agency in one form or another.

Master’s degrees for the CIA

The CIA is a government organization, so a master’s degree is a necessity for both promotions and pay. The best master’s degrees are those that continue the courses of study listed above. A master’s degree in international relations or law can help individuals understand the nuances of international relations and treaty terms, while a master’s in finance or accounting can help those that would prefer to spend their time crunching numbers. Good master’s degrees can go a long way towards showing the agency that a student has potential in the field of intelligence, and it also shows a level of drive and determination that few possess.

Online degrees for a Career in the CIA

There are online degrees that can help an individual to get a job in the CIA. The best online degrees for the CIA are the same as those found in traditional universities, but the agency does tend to look more highly upon seeking out a second or advanced degree online. The top online degree programs tend to be offered by the same schools from which the CIA tends to recruit, and taking the time to make sure that you seek out the right degree online can be a great way to catch the eye of the often secretive agency.

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