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Information Technology

As business solutions shift increasingly to hosted models, the role of IT is more important than ever. Not only does the business depend on IT for evaluation and judgement when it comes to new technology solutions, it also depends on them to be adept and effective at partner relationships, as more and more IT functions become outsourced to third party specialists. And more than ever, IT pros are expected to be security experts as well. IT security issues both internal and external must be well understood, anticipated, and prevented. And when catastrophe strikes, they must be in a position to recover complex systems quickly and effectively. Among the areas our editors are examining currently include Top IT Security Companies.

Featured Technology Areas

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Corporate and IT Training

In today’s knowledge economy, ongoing training is a key part of staying competitive. Online training has broadened the options for managers and trainers, while at the same time raising questions around the need to identify the most effective training options available for individuals and groups at any given time. Our editors sort through the training options to bring you the best corporate training options available in a variety of today’s in-demand categories.


An advanced degree may be critical to your ability to enhance your position at your corporation. We rank and compare degrees in areas that may be critical to today’s businesses. We’re particularly interested in bringing you information like best degrees for becoming a CEO.

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